Core Values

These are the guiding principles we seek to build our ministry upon. These stated values should become our DNA.  We want them to be the building blocks of our church.

Evangelism – Lost people matter to God and they matter to us.

        As a church we want to help as many people as possible become committed followers of Christ.  Therefore, we must make FRANgelism a priority.

 Practical Bible Teaching – Our goal is transformation not information.

            We firmly believe that clear, relevant, practical Bible teaching leads to spiritual growth.  We work hard to try to present one sticky point each week.  We offer sermon based Small Groups so people can dig deeper into the topic.

Ž  Kids’ Ministry – The ‘4-14’ Window.

          Most people accept Christ between the ages of 4 and 14. We believe it’s wise to reach as many children with God’s Good News as possible.  We want to equip parents to raise godly kids and we want to lead kids to Jesus.

Prayer – When we work we work; when we pray, God works.    

          The early church was birthed and grew through powerful praying.  We believe it is absolutely essential to tap into God’s power through prayer.

Our Core Values communicate what is important to us, they influence our behavior, and they keep us focused.